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YYSeafood is a husband and wife duo, Grant and Leanna. Grant spent over a decade as a Red Seal chef in Vancouver and became a fishmonger in 2014. Leanna discovered her love for butchery while cutting fish in 2012 and became a certified butcher in 2014. Both of their careers grew from a passion for quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

Spragg’s Meat Shop

Spragg’s Meat Shop has been selling pork products made from Alberta-raised pigs since 2005. The pigs are raised on a plant-based diet with no antibiotics or animal by-products in their feed on the Spragg family farm in Rosemary, AB. Spragg’s Meat Shop also sells Bowden Farm Fresh Chicken produced by the Dyck family in Bowden.

Smoke Shack Pellets and Grills

Smoke Shack Pellets and Grills strives to have what you want on the shelf. They aren’t just here to supply your grilling and smoking needs, pellets, charcoal, grills, rubs, and sauces – they want you to be a part of their experience! Their grilling community is here for everyone to come together and teach, learn, and experience.

Missing Link Extraordinary Sausage

Missing Link Extraordinary Sausage is a family-owned and operated local business specializing in chicken sausage. Their sausage is made right here in the Market using fresh ground chicken with zero preservatives and no fillers. And since they don’t cure their meats, there are no added nitrites or nitrates. When you pick up some sausage from Missing Link, you can be confident you’ll be able to read and pronounce every ingredient on the label.

Market Seafood & Specialty Meats

Market Seafood is a family-run business started in 2008 by Brian and Mary Plunkett. Brian is a European-trained Chef, who has worked at the Four Seasons Hotels and the Calgary Golf and Country Club. The Market Seafood team has a wealth of product information and are happy to help you choose the perfect cut of fish for you. They can also give you pointers on how to cook and serve each type of fish.

Flat Cap Butchers

Named after Chris’ hat (which if you come to the shop, more than likely you will see proudly upon his head), Flat Cap Butchers is dedicated to the stories of the ranchers, to educating customers on where their food comes from, to understanding the environmental impact and problems of the meat industry and how to help solve them. Flat Cap Butchers is a group of young, passionate people whose goal is to provide the most honest, and best meat purchasing experience in the city. Come on this adventure with them and always feel good about the meat you eat.


Fork in the Rowed is a certified organic small-scale farm located just outside of Lethbridge, Ab. These farmers pride themselves on being growers, not grocers. They are passionate about growing high quality, fresh, and nutritious produce. They prioritize sustainable production using methods and practices that not only support that land and environment, but the people and organisms who inhabit it.

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