Cheese & Dairy


Sunworks Farm is located in Armena, Alberta, and has been operating since 1992. Owners Ron and Sheila believe in the principles of organic, humane, and sustainable farming. Holistic Management is a part of their farming practices. They believe organic is better for your health, the animal’s health, and the health of the environment.

Luc’s European Meats, Cheeses and Eats

Luc’s European Meats, Cheese, and Eats is a local, family-owned business that specializes in supplying high quality authentic European meats, fine cheeses, butter, and charcuterie condiments. Luc’s grandfather, Cosmos DeMaria, grew up in a large Italian household where food and family always came together. The love for authentic, premium food, family, and entertaining continues today. To support and preserve Cosmos’ legacy, Luc and his parents Bruce and Sonia carry on the family tradition by sharing a unique glimpse into old country methods handed down for generations.


Sylvan Star Cheese is a family-owned business, making high quality gouda with milk from the family dairy farm. John Schalkwyk was a cheese maker in Holland for 30 years before immigrating with his family to Alberta in 1995. With his son, Jeroen, minding the family’s herd of Holstein’s, John continued his career as an expert cheese maker, crafting gouda using the same techniques his mother used before him. Their cheese is made the traditional way, using thermalized milk, cultures, and rennet—with no additional additives.


Fozia and Immy fell in love over ice cream and they want to spread the love, one scoop at a time. Enjoying scoops of ice cream (because they never share!) has brought them closer together and created unforgettable memories with each other, and their two boys.


At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, there’s a place where the ways of old are still alive and well. A place where the locals are a little friendlier. The cows moo a little louder. And the buttermilk is always churned a little fresher. It’s a place where the little things matter the most. Sure, it’s old-fashioned. But old-fashioned makes all the difference. Especially when you’re making handcrafted butter and ice cream. Foothills Creamery. It’s more than a little delicious.

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