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Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market

Hello, food lovers and local product enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the heart of what makes the Calgary Farmers’ Market a vibrant hub for those who appreciate the finer (and fresher) things in life. It’s not just about being a place where you can buy your weekly groceries. It’s about being part of a community that champions local producers and artisans. This is where the essence of our market comes to life as a certified Alberta Approved Farmer’s Market.

The Magic of the 80/20 Rule

At the core of our market’s philosophy is the 80/20 rule, a principle that ensures we stay true to our mission of supporting local. But what does this mean for you, our valued visitors? Simply put, at least 80% of our vendors are required to “make it, bake it, or grow it.” This rule isn’t just a guideline; it’s a commitment to ensuring that when you shop with us, you’re directly supporting the hardworking hands behind the products.

This stringent yet rewarding rule assures that our market is not just a place to shop but a place to experience the best of what Alberta has to offer. From the crunchiest vegetables and the juiciest fruits to artisan bread that smells like home, every item has a story, a face, and a local heart behind it.

Why “Local” Matters More Than Ever

In a world where everything seems to be mass-produced, finding a genuine connection to what we eat and use has never been more important. The Calgary Farmers’ Market, through its adherence to the Alberta Approved Farmer’s Market standards, isn’t just a shopping destination. It’s a statement; a movement towards embracing and strengthening the local economy, fostering the development of Alberta products, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Shopping at our market means you’re not only getting fresh, quality products but also contributing to a sustainable future. It’s about knowing that your hard-earned money is going back into your community, helping local families, and supporting the dreams of local farmers, bakers, and makers.

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