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Order Groceries


Order Groceries

The Market is open Thursday - Sunday 9am - 5pm to serve those that are healthy and able to shop.

Tips for a safe visit to the Market. 

We regret to inform you that due to a lack of cooler space to hold customers’ orders safely,  we are no longer offering curbside. 

How it Works

1. Fill out the below order form.

  • Our order form will open at 9am Wednesday and Thursday only. 
  • Currently, we are only able to offer Curbside Pick Up on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • We cannot offer same-day pick-up. We will make every attempt to gather your items for pick up the following Market day (if you placed an order Thursday, we will gather items Friday for pick-up).
  • We cannot guarantee your order will be available the next Market day.  In this case, your order will be filled within 48 hours and we will contact you directly to confirm pick up day.

2. Let us know what you’d like so we can shop for you!

Be specific. Please state quantity, product, and if from a particular vendor. Once submitted, we cannot make any changes or additions to your order.

Orders must be submitted in the following format, with each item on its own line. (Please do not submit in paragraph format)

Spragg's Meat Shop:
1 package Wagyu beef burgers
1 package Korean BBQ beef skewers
1 pkg chicken thighs
Flavours of Quebec:
1 can maple syrup
1 tourtière
Market Seafood:
2 cod filets
1 spatchcock chicken
Going Nuts:
1 bag granola
1 jar peanut butter
Luc's European Meats:
1 pkg turkey pepperoni
Panorama Orchards:
1 pint B.C. Blueberries
1 bag cherries
3 limes

3. Gathering your items and substitutions.

We will gather your requested items to the best of our abilities. If you allow substitutions, we will source products from other vendors when available. If a product is not available and you have not allowed vendor substitutions, the item will be omitted from your order.

4. Payment

Once we have gathered your items, we will call you for payment over the phone. We can only accept Mastercard, Visa, and Visa Debit; we apologize but cannot accept any payment upon pick up. When payment is confirmed, our representative will give you a phone number to call or text upon your arrival at the Market for curb-side pick-up.

5. Contactless Pick-Up

When you've arrived at the Market, park in one of the Reserved for Curbside Pick Up parking stalls in our NE parking lot and call the number our representative gave you after receiving payment. Please open your trunk so we can easily provide contactless pick-up by popping it in your vehicle. 

6. Fees

A $15 fee will be placed on all orders.

7. Disclaimers

  • We have a daily maximum of orders we can process. The form will be closed when the maximum # of orders our small team is able to process is reached. 
  • Due to overwhelming demand, we cannot guarantee your order will be available the next Market day.   
  • We cannot guarantee product availability. Substitutions of the comparable product(s) will be made if you have selected this option.
  • We will call you if we have any questions about your order.
  • Due to the current circumstances, we are doing our best to offer a service to our customers that we are not typically capable of. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the cost of items prior to purchase but we assure you that our vendors will not raise a single price on any item to take advantage of COVID-19. They deeply appreciate your support of local businesses.
  • We cannot process any returns or refunds. You must contact the vendor directly with proof of receipt for potential refunds.
  • Due to AGLC regulations, we cannot fill any alcohol orders. Please connect with the vendor directly to place your order.
  • Much like our vendors, we are a small team that is working tirelessly to provide a service in unprecedented times. Please be kind, be patient, and be understanding. We look forward to serving you!

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