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Tool Shed Brewing Company

Who We Are

Jeff and Graham are simply two buddies who met while working on IT and satellite communication projects in the military back in 2007. They connected over a love for taking their hobbies WAY too far and Tool Shed Brewing Company is the natural result of two good home brewing friends that took their hobby further than most.

Tool Shed Brewing Company has always been destined for great things as Jeff and Graham bring an obsessive love for great craft beer and high level of geekery to the act of making it.

We all grow up being told to find something we love to do, and then find a way to make a career out of it. Being used to following orders (recall, they worked in the military), Jeff and Graham did exactly that and now we see that what happens in a Tool Shed clearly doesn’t stay in a Tool Shed.

What We Offer

We brew delicious craft beer!!

Gather round to bring home us home with you: our People Skills Cream Ale, Red Rage Red Ale, Star Cheek IPA, and Flat Cap Stout which are available all year round. We also brew some fan-favorite seasonals-our Summer regular Oatmeal Pale Ale called Papa Bam Bam and in the Fall, our Belgian Dip returns to store shelves near you. Amongst all these offerings, we have other Feature beers that show up to decorate your beer fridges.

You Gotta Try This!  

Well, you gotta try them all!


Because we took home a medal in every color at the inaugural 2018 Alberta Beer Awards. Our Flat Cap Stout, Red Rage, and Belgian Dip are all medal winners!  In addition, all of our beers are rooted in an individual story, so you’re not just sampling our beer, you’re learning our story. So, yeah, you gotta try them all!

Where to Find Us

Aisle 4, Booth 61
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