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Silver Sage Beef

Who We Are

We are a Farm to Plate operation established in 2011.  The Ranch has been with the Zentner Family since 1910, just south of Cypress Hills. Our grass raised Angus cross animals are naturally raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics and have over 14,000 acres of land to roam free on native grasses.

The operation is run by the immediate family.  Lorne and Sandi Zentner oversee all operation including the Ranch and our Retail outlet located at the Calgary Farmers’ Market.  Their children, Kent and Kristine are also involved in day to day operations.

What We Offer

Silver Sage Beef was launched as a full service custom beef shop in the Calgary Farmers' Market. We have a complete range of beef cuts available that have been dry aged for a minimum of 21 days for flavor and tenderness.  We have an additional aged selection of a 60 day dry aged specialty cuts.  Our staff at Silver Sage Beef have meat cutting and culinary backgrounds to offer you the best selection and options for preparation.  Silver Sage Beef…there is no other!

You Gotta Try This

You gotta try our Silver S’Aged Beef – it is our 60 day dry aged beef!

Where to Find Us

Perimeter, Booth 5
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