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Who We Are

My earliest memories growing up all seem to revolve around woodworking. Whether it was whittling sticks with my older brother and friends, or helping my Grandpa build a bird house in his humble shop, I’ve always seemed to have an interest in the craft.

I have taken those beginnings and turned them into my passion, CHOPD.  I have had no formal training, everything I create is self-taught; learned from countless late nights of studying and practice, with inspiration taken from the world around me. I love creating beautiful and functional artwork that people can use in their daily lives. I find constant inspiration from other crafts people all around the world, and I love receiving project ideas from all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to meet.

What We Offer

I make a wide range of wooden products for the home and kitchen. From small sets of coasters, to elegantly designed charcuterie boards, to a custom ordered countertop butcher block with a matching knife block. If it’s in your kitchen and made of wood, you can get it at CHOPD.

My main speciality is creating truly unique, chef quality, end grain cutting boards. Not only are these cutting boards visually stunning to look at, but they are also highly versatile pieces of cookware suited for everyday use. Designed to be reversible, with one cutting face perfectly flat and the other containing a shallow trough for catching the juices off a nicely cooked piece of meat, this board gets twice the lifespan of a traditional single sided cutting board. With a little love, these cutting boards will last your family decades to come!

You Gotta Try This!  

You gotta come check out my Plaid cutting boards! It’s a completely original design that you won’t find anywhere else. And really, what says “Canadian Made” more than a lumberjack inspired wooden cutting board?

Where to Find Us

Aisle 3, Booth 46
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